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Product details : Tribulus Terrestris

  • Whole Plant, Seeds

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Tribulus Terrestris
Throughout india, upto 5400 m,
as a weed along roadsides and waste places
Seeds, Wholeplant, Fruit
Yellow tiny flowers

Gokharu, Land-calotrops, Goat's head, Bullhead,
Caltrop, Bindi, Dubblegee, Cat's head, yellow vine, Tribulus Terrestris Linn, Nerinci, Palleru-mullu ,Neranjal, Goshurah, Shuuadamshtra, Swadukantaka, Trikantaka, Negalu, Palleru, Nerinnil, Nerinill, Sarapte, Dhakte Gokharu, Goxuri, Chhote gokhu, Gokhru, Puncture Vine, Land Caltrops.

Tribulus Plant
Tribulus is a taprooted herbaceous perennial plant that grows as a summer annual in colder climates. Tribulus primary branches which is up to 1.5 meters long radiating from the crown of the taproot. The roots of this plant are slender, cylindrical, somewhat fibrous, 10 to 15 centimetres long, light brown and faintly aromatic. The leaves of this plant are opposite, paripinnate, up to 5.5 centimetres long, one of each pair usually smaller than the other. The leaflets are of 3 to 6 pairs and are 6 to 12 millimetres long, with silky hairs on surfaces, apex mucronate, base rounded oblique and petioles are very short.
Flowers of Gokharu plant are yellow in colour and are 0.7 to 2 centimetres in diameter. The fruits of Gokhru are globose and possess 5 to 12 woody cocci, each with 2 pairs of hard, sharp, divaricate spines, with one pair longer than the other. There are several seeds in each crocus with transverse partitions between them. The fruits and flowers are available throughout the year.

Chemical Constituents:
Gokharu (Tribulus terrestris) plant contain alkaloids, resins, tannins, sugars, sterols, essential oil, peroxidase, diastase and glucoside.

Tribulus as Medicinal Herb
In Ayurvedic system of medicine Gokhru is indicated for the treatment of urinary disorders, kidney diseases, diseases of the genito-urinary system, calculus affections and impotence. It is used for regulation of heart functions, reduction of inflammation, indigestion, chronic cough and` asthma also. In Ayurveda it is considered that Gokhru helps to improve vitality and vigor. Gokshur is widely used in various formulations in Ayurvedic medicine. Some of the classical formulations containing Gokshur are: Gokshuradi churan, Gokshuradyavleha, Gokshuradi gugglu, Gokshuradi kwath, Dashmoolarishta.

The fruits of Gokhru are used in Ayurveda in the treatment of kidney stones, painful urination and other genito- urinary disorders, mainly in the form of an infusion. They are also prescribed for the treatment of breathing difficulties, diabetes, rheumatism, piles, dropsy, heart diseases, impotence and Bright`s disease. The leaves of this medicinal plant of India are considered to possess stomachic properties, and a paste prepared from them is used in the treatment of bladder stones.

Gokharu other uses
Athletes used the extract of Tribulus Terrestris dietary supplement to increase energy, provide healthy hormone function, enhance muscle movement and provide energy for the athletes during the training session.

Tribulus (puncture vine) is a vine that has been used as a general tonic (energy) and herbal treatment for impotence, but is found primarily in dietary supplements marketed for increasing testosterone levels in bodybuilders and power athletes.

The main use of Tribulus Terristris is to increase Male and Female Libido and a Fitness Supplement
Adverse effects from supplementation with Tribulus terrestris are rare and tend to be insignificant. However, some users report an upset stomach, which can usually be counteracted by taking it with food.

Tribulus Benefits

Tribulus terrestris benefits identified in various human and animal studies are :
  • Improves muscle growth and body strength.
  • Reported to enhance libido sexualis and erectile function.
  • Reported to increase the number and motility of spermatozoa.
  • Increases LH levels by 72% and testosterone levels by 41% in only five days.
  • Helps in alleviating some symptoms associated with male menopause.
  • Reduction in cholesterol.
  • Reductions in high blood pressure.
  • Inhibition of stress-induced clumping of blood platelets.
  • Increases in strength of contraction of the heart muscle.
  • Reductions in sodium and fluid retention.
  • Anti-urolithiatic (urinary/kidney stone preventing) and litholytic (dissolving) activities.
  • Improvement of the profile of red and white blood cells and stimulation of the humoral immune system.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-malarial and anti-fungal properties, anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Analgesic effects.
  • No adverse effects.
  • No toxicity and side effects.
  • Most Common and very Effective in problems connected with Urination
  • Used for disurea, kidney stone and uncomfortable urination.
  • Used in to cure headache, eye problem as hives, conjunctivitis, weak eyesight and anxiety.
  • It is used to cure high blood pressure and flank pain.
  • For athletic performance, muscle mass enhancement, and as a testosterone booster.
  • It suitable for premenstrual syndrome and menopausal syndrome.